I’m being told I have to enter the debate.  Muslims from Britain are dashing of to join the Jihad, and the silent moderates need to get their voices out.  It has recently hit me; I’m expected to voice up as a moderate Muslim.  I fit the moderate Muslim ‘profile’, educated, speaks English (bet Cameron is well grateful for that!) and I identify as Muslim.


It might be laughable that it took me a while to get it.  But I’ve never looked at myself as less than the sum of who I am.  I am my father’s daughter, a man who grew up in occupied India, and saved many of his Hindu friends from slaughter when communal violence broke out; I am a woman living in cultures that make sure we get paid less than men, that tell us off for breastfeeding in public, I am a mother, a sports enthusiast, a CEO, a bookworm, a friend and yes, I am Muslim.


So, as I enter the debate I’ll aim not to be limited by somebody else’s limitations.  Thanks @davidcameron for inspiring so many people to show the world that they cannot be put in your Muslim box.

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