About me

Ummul Choudhury is the co-founder and CEO of an international, award winning sports charity working with traumatised young people impacted by war.  The charity continues to support youth and local communities in Syria, including in territory formerly held by ISIS.

She lived and worked in Syria, Palestine, Jordan for over a decade, working with refugees, and building up an organisation that contracted to the UN, Save the Children, amongst many others.

Ummul is an Arabic speaker, as well as speaking four other languages. Her background is in history and Middle East studies. Her former career was as a Middle East specialist, working with The Economist, before she left for Syria and started the sports charity.

She is also the co-founder of Frontline Aid, an organisation dedicated to using technology to create transparent and equal relationships between people who are the victims of war and disaster, and those who are able to give money. Ummul lives today in Berlin, Germany.

Selection of articles/media .

BBC news

The Guardian

Deutsche Welle

Islington Gazette

Oglobo (Brazil)

Peace and Sport

Academic paper published by University of East London

Awards and recognition

Charity Times Awards UK 2018

Inspired Leadership Award international 2018

Anna Lindh Foundation Euro Med Dialogue Award 2015

Beyond Sport in Partnership with UNICEF 2015

BMW Foundation Network 2015

Ogunte women’s Award 2012

The Asian women’s Award 2012

Lecture activities/public speaking

Various speaking engagements across the Middle East and in Europe including:

City University, London, guest lecturer, UK

Peace and Sport UN Panel discussion, panellist, Monaco

Qatar Sports Panel discussion, panellist, Qatar

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