Ummul Choudhury is the CEO/co-founder of Capoeira4Refugees, RealtimeAid and tech start-up Frontline Aid.
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6 things I’ve learned while writing my first book

From confronting the lack of representation in the publishing industry to understanding the significance of writing through a gender, race and class lens, here are six key things I’ve discovered while writing my first book.

Close-up of dollar bills

Why aren’t remittances given the credit they deserve?

Remittances are worth billions of dollars more than global international aid. Yet it’s the money given by rich countries and wealthy people that’s accepted as the default for how poorer countries and peoples are supported. Why aren’t remittances given the credit they deserve?

What are the differences between WEIRD vs Local thinking? #localisation

Two parallel conversations run when it comes to donors. The points donors raise time and again and the alternative answers playing out unsaid.   These conversations do not meet in any middle because of the power discrepancy between donor and local organisation. Donors mainly being white, Western

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