7 tips for getting on with white aid workers

DO, smile and say yes. Most white aid workers are entitled and have no idea they have no clue. They already believe they know everything. So, just keep agreeing and advance the groupthink mindset. DON’T talk about colour. White aid workers don’t like to have to encounter their own whiteness. If you point out yourContinue reading “7 tips for getting on with white aid workers”

Era of Islamism and self-censorship

I wrote the below Ramadan message just over a week ago.  It was before the London attacks, and after the Manchester bombing.  I wrote that Ramadan can actually be a time of heightened violence, and then it happened on my home turf. I’ve become increasingly aware that as a Muslim-Brit, we are all under microscopes;Continue reading “Era of Islamism and self-censorship”

Sexual harassment in the Middle East

I was in a museum in Dubai when it happened. The security guard jumped me, wrapped himself around me, a hand around my neck and face, pulling me to him. So, there are a number of ways that story could have gone. I’m 5:3, small and Asian. It could have been a litle bit ofContinue reading “Sexual harassment in the Middle East”

Getting start-up funding in cold Damascus

Fun, sacrifice and a certain obsessiveness got me going but, of course, starting a start-up needs money. I worked, saved and invested my money back into the Charity.  I had the help of a friend who managed to get us a donation of just over £4,000. But initially, it really was about the volunteer spirit,Continue reading “Getting start-up funding in cold Damascus”

The five things I wish I’d known when I founded a Charity in the Middle East

I founded a Charity in 2010. My aim at the time was to ‘give something back’, I wish I’d know that ‘making a difference’ is not about the northern hemisphere simply handing over technologies/or systems/or ideas to those in the Southern hemisphere . To create ownership and localise how something works can take years. HandingContinue reading “The five things I wish I’d known when I founded a Charity in the Middle East”