I’m being told I have to enter the debate.  Muslims from Britain are dashing of to join the Jihad, and the silent moderates need to get their voices out.  It has recently hit me; I’m expected to voice up as a moderate Muslim.  I fit the moderate Muslim ‘profile’, educated, speaks English (bet CameronContinue reading “#traditionallysubmissive”

Achieving as a mother!

I took this picture the day I turned 35. Its been a crazy year.  I’ve on-demand breast-fed, I’m consistently sleep deprived, I’ve moved house four times, been on a plane on average every 8 weeks, won two international awards for my work and kept running an international charity that’s working in places where people get blownContinue reading “Achieving as a mother!”

Speaking in Public: how to structure that talk

The following is the scripts of the talk I gave at a recent conference I spoke at.  I was briefed to speak no more than 10-15 minutes, talk about the practical challenge and reality of living in a refugee camp and to present a challenge at the end. This talk went down so well that throughoutContinue reading “Speaking in Public: how to structure that talk”

Sexual harassment in the Middle East

I was in a museum in Dubai when it happened. The security guard jumped me, wrapped himself around me, a hand around my neck and face, pulling me to him. So, there are a number of ways that story could have gone. I’m 5:3, small and Asian. It could have been a litle bit ofContinue reading “Sexual harassment in the Middle East”