Transferring money to staff working in war zones

  One of the biggest challenges for charities is the safe transfer of money to your staff working in areas of conflict.  A number of issues arise when trying to transfer funds: including the fact that many people will not have bank accounts, that the infrastructure may have broken down so banks are no longerContinue reading “Transferring money to staff working in war zones”

Achieving as a mother!

I took this picture the day I turned 35. Its been a crazy year.  I’ve on-demand breast-fed, I’m consistently sleep deprived, I’ve moved house four times, been on a plane on average every 8 weeks, won two international awards for my work and kept running an international charity that’s working in places where people get blownContinue reading “Achieving as a mother!”

Speaking in Public: how to structure that talk

The following is the scripts of the talk I gave at a recent conference I spoke at.  I was briefed to speak no more than 10-15 minutes, talk about the practical challenge and reality of living in a refugee camp and to present a challenge at the end. This talk went down so well that throughoutContinue reading “Speaking in Public: how to structure that talk”

Sexual harassment in the Middle East

I was in a museum in Dubai when it happened. The security guard jumped me, wrapped himself around me, a hand around my neck and face, pulling me to him. So, there are a number of ways that story could have gone. I’m 5:3, small and Asian. It could have been a litle bit ofContinue reading “Sexual harassment in the Middle East”